Commercial Property Services With Action Paving

Action Paving, LLC is a family owned and operated paving contractor that specializes in paving, line striping, seal coating, disposals, driveways, parking lots and parking spaces for commercial properties in Kentucky and the surrounding areas!

Action Paving, LLC is the paving contractor that you can trust to provide paving services that are unbeatable! Do you have a business or office, where the parking lot needs a seal coating service? We are the professional seal coating service at competitive prices. Is there a municipal property that requires having a line striping service to the parking lot or upgrade the parking spaces? Great, our team of paving experts will have it done in no time at all! There are industrial properties that may need to have services to clear out a bunch of unnecessary items, and we are the company that has a fast response time and will get the job done promptly!

When you need paving service, Action Paving, LLC is the company that you can trust at a competitive price! We are conveniently open seven days a week just for you, this way you can call us to make an appointment with the top leading paving contractors in Kentucky!